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ZAMST EK-5 Kneebrace

Article number 4720
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ZAMST EK-5 Kneebrace
Open kneebrace with control for the patella

The Zamst EK-5 knee support stabilizes the knee laterally and guides the kneecap. It promotes proprioception for quick reflexes and offers an optimal level of support. The upper straps create compression on the thigh muscles (vastus medialis and lateralis) and improve the feeling of strenght during flexion and extension. Its dynamic resin stays on both sides deliver stability while allowing for fluid movement. The breathable 3D mesh at the back of the knee ensures comfort and guarantees the overall level of compression/stability. It opens fully to allow for ideal compression adjustment to ensure active support that adapts to your body and your need.

  • Because the brace can be opened in the front, it can be applied without the shoe being removed, ensuring that each athlete can determine how tight the brace is.
  • The pad around the patella presses around the knee disc, which improves the stability of the patella.
  • Two strips provide a superior fit around the knee disc with easy compression adjustments.
  • Breathable material at the back of the knee ensures excellent comfort.
  • Uniquely designed balconies, enhance Lateral / Medial Stability and provide smooth flexion and extension.


  • V-Tech.
    Ventilated flow through design keeps you cool while in motion.
  • i-Fit.
    Open panel design with adjustable fastners provides individualized fit, enhanched comfort and variable compression levels.
  • Flyweight Tech.
    Cutting edge, weight optimized materials.
  • ROM-Tech.
    Pre-curved design to provide full Range of Motion for maximized performance levels.
  • Patella Stabilizer.
    Stabilizes and guides the patella.
  • Exo-TECH. (DUAL)
    Exoskeletal two-way ligament(MCL/LCL) support with individualized fit, and multifunctional design.


  • Patellofemoral pain.
  • Patella relaxation / subluxation.
  • Light stability problems
  • Preventive


  • Neoprene

Sizing Chart:

Size : S, M, L, XL
Color : Black
Model : Uni
S 43 - 46
M 46 - 49
L 49 - 52
XL 52 - 55

How to measure: Measure the circumference of thight 3.9 inches above the center of the knee cap. If you measurement falls between two sizes. choose the larger one.

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Article number 4720
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