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ROM Elbow brace

Article number 7520
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Sporlastic ROM Elbow brace With control of forearm rotation (supination/pronation) and limitation of the flexion-/extension. Benefits: Immobilisation of the elbow joint. Movement control by therapeutic sitting level in flexion and extension. Early passive mobilisation. Rapid progress by active mobilisation. Minimization of functional loss and recovery time. Control of forearm and rotation of the shoulder joint. Indications: Ellbow dislocation with associated injuries. After elbow fractures. After humerus fractures. After stable supracondylar fractures. After forearm fractures. After internal fixed forearm fractures (with control of pronation and supination) Supplies soft tissue. Features: Hand grip with settings in supination/pronation and flexion/extension. Motion restrainer, joint ROM, fixed by 0° to 150° in 30° incriments. Control pins adjust the ROM joint without tools. Variable positioning of the upper and lower arm guards. Made of lightweight materials. Color: Black. Can be worn R and L. Size in cm: Size Mid Forearm Mid Biceps S 18-28 25-33 M 26-33 30-38 L 30-36 35-43 XL 33-38 40-48
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